Sunday, June 12, 2011

When Playing by Herself

We were recently bragging on Facebook about being able to watch Clara play independently in her room via a surveillance camera we set up in her room.  We can stream the feed to the computer, and I can watch her while getting other things done around the house.

Alan's mom asked what she does while she's playing, and this is what I said:

She loves her books. Any books. She picks them up is simply because she loves to turn the pages and see what's in there.  Still isn't very delicate with paper pages, and so her Puppies and Kittens Are Like That books are very much "loved" now.

When it comes to her toys: she has learned to roll objects, "throw" them, hold two at a time in one hand, likes to put them on her head or have them put on her head, and she likes to chase them. So she will push it forward a bit and crawl after it. This makes cylindrical and ball type objects particular favorites but she will throw or push/roll anything to go after it.

She also really loves "Tutu" her doll from my cousin, and "Nino" her giraffe/antelope/horse thing that she got from my sister Sara (I think, with some clothes), and her bunny rabbit from my grandmother, and her froggy blanket from my mom. So all stuffed animals are fun for her. But we only give her ones that are like the Ty beany baby fabric because it washes well and that don't have sewn on eyes.

Her favorite things right now are cars/trucks/things that go "vroom" and puppy dogs. Anything in those categories are fun for her. Books, pictures, the real thing especially... She has a toy truck from that belonged to Alan plus a new toy car from us. But she doesn't have a puppy dog really. Other than the puppy dog quilt which she used to love but seems to not equate with puppies as much as the fun of playing hide and seek (even just with herself).

She has also developed "timing." So hide and seek is REALLY fun. And I think she plays versions of that with clothing when I have a basket full of clothes to be folded...she has a ball. But to explain the timing: she will literally hide for a while and then pop out with a smile and boo at the same time. We LOVE it and she goes crazy with energy and excitement anytime we indulge the game. It turns into a rough housing on our bed plus a room to room hunt. Legs pumping, body thrashing, squeals of delight.
Finally, as I have to go to eat dinner: she likes to hang upside down and will throw her head back and arch her back repeatedly. You have to be ready.

PS Discovered she really loves the water this weekend. Fascinated by the fountain at the mall and lived vicariously through my bath tonight. She stood tub-side and asked me to make the duck squirt water out of its mouth into the air or on her hands over and over again. "gih!""gih!"

(Posted by Brooke via Alan's account - oops)


Kathryn said...

How cute and fun! This is one of Jaycie's favorite stuffed dogs:

We call him "Patches," and he goes to Granma's house each day and comes home. He barks when pressed in the middle, and I've washed him several times and dried him and the barker thing still works. Highly recommended!

Suzy Cashwell said...

Hide and seek was one of our grandkids' favorite games, and for a long, long time. The best thing about it as that as the child matures, you can up the ante, and really hide - behind a door or on the other side of a bed or chair, and she continues to think finding you is the most wonderful entertainment ever! So, next year when you bring Clara to NC, I want to be invited over to play that game with her! I'm so happy to hear good news about everything she's doing. Oh - and a new knit cap will be heading out to you soon, I promise!

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