Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last night, I was feeding Clara for the umpteenth time trying to nurse her to sleep as it seems to be the only thing that settles her.

Alan came in to sit on the ottoman and keep me company and my morale up.  He only said a few words...

Clara's eyes grow wide, she looks as far to the side(towards the ceiling) as she can until she has to turn her head to continue the hunt for the source. She couldn't turn far enough to find him as he was directly behind her.  But she seemed to be satisfied with her search and turn to quietly suck once more. She knew her Daddy's voice!

She has long recognized our voices, and we've known she can tell where that a sound is coming from one side or another as she has turned her head to find the source of a noise before - but she isn't consistent.

This, however, was the most clear and precious moment of her recognizing her Daddy's voice and trying to find him.

That same night, our conversation put her to sleep more quickly and soundly than ever.  It is incredibly powerful to know that your daughter feels the most comfortable and calmed by the sound of her parents voices in conversation.  We are so lucky to have led lives that have allowed us to be at home throughout my pregnancy and since she has been born.  Our voices are probably the most constant thing in her life. A wonderful feeling for a mother.

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