Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scared. Sad. My baby is moving out of infancy.

A snippet of a message I sent to my dear pediatrician friends, Kurt and Andy, in the hopes that they can console me and calm my frantic thoughts as I sat nursing Clara who seems to simply be hungry all the time but never eats.

" I am a desperate, new mother afraid that we are about to start solids. Seriously? Solids? I thought for sure we'd wait until 6 months but I'm pretty sure she's hungry and showing physical signs that she can handle it. But I don't know if I can handle this milestone. We meet with her pediatrician on Monday for her 4m checkup. Clara is 18w3d today. How do I know she ready really? And that we won't end up with food allergies by introducing too early?"

So as I close this post, I move to the world of internet research as I prepare for our meeting with the pediatrician armed with as much information as possible and in hopes of accurately describing Clara's latest mannerisms and behavior as we decide if she is or is not ready to begin solid foods!


Lauren said...

"She'll be fine!!" (courtesy of D.I.E. not intended to have negative effects) I forwarded your message on to Dr. Iknow Everything from Perfect Town for Tots in the great state of Misworry and she told me that you should not be worried at all.

Actually I just read about The Duggars (the kids with 19 kids and counting on TLC) whose youngest developed lactose intolerance after being born 3 months early and given breast milk. Many of her issues stopped after being given some sort of formula instead of her mother's milk. I would understand that her still-developing body might not be ready for the harshness of dairy. Mine still doesn't even like it. Gives me gas! Why does ice cream have to have milk in it?

Anyway purpose of my comment: to reassure and let you know I've heard of food allergies caused by being given too early (but that was breast milk) and I don't know of the research on solids causing allergies because they were given to early..but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that you shouldn't be aware of it. But I think Clara will be just fine because she is assured every day just by the fact that B&A are her parents! :) (Not to be confused with A&B)

Lauren said...

Correction: The Duggar parents have 19 kids not the kids.

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