Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hi, Auntie Kelli!

This was the home video taken in front of the computer a few days before Clara got sick.


Kelli Davis said...

I've watched this about 7 times this morning. I love, love, love it! (And I love, love, love the people in it!) I'm there with you, love. Can you feel me??? I'm hugging you right now.

czstout said...

Hey Brooke, I'm Kelli's friend Christy..we have met before :) Please know that my husband and I are praying for you and your family! Clara is beautiful, and our Lord has big plans for her. May you feel his comforting embrace during this time!

Lauren said...

You didn't have to use the commentary. I knew EXACTLY what was going on. Her pronunciation of globabietalck is so clear. (That's the official word for baby language, I know this, I looked it up)
SO CUTE nonetheless and I can't wait to hear more! When does she say hello to Auntie Lala? :)
-Super Jealous in Texous

Rachel Driskell said...

She is adorable!! She will be globabietalcking (love that lauren) up a storm again before you know it!! You have got soo many people praying for you, Alan, Clara and the whole team working with her! She will be healed and we will continue to lift her up until she is!
Love you!

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