Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Good Day!

Clara had an AWESOME day.

After over 24 hours of sleep, she was awake and progressively more and more alert throughout the morning. And we only gave her pain meds once this afternoon - just cause I felt like she must surely need them despite her seemingly obvious comfort!

Last night, we assembled her ExerSaucer and, after a few minutes of being in it this morning, she was less overwhelmed and really had a blast checking out the spinning aquarium.  (I'll post pictures soon - didn't get any today as I was too busy gawking at her accomplishments and telling her how great she was doing!)  After about 15 minutes, I realized she was about to fall asleep in the ExerSaucer and quickly rescued her...instead she ended up falling asleep HEAD UP in my arms!

After one of her quick naps and a GREAT, full feeding, she spent some time on the couch/bed with Daddy.

She even put Daddy down for a nap while she watched some football.

We took another walk around the hospital late this afternoon while she was cradled in the Baby K'tan.  She was still awake and curious but it was later in the day, and she was showing more signs of fatigue. So, I didn't put her in the more typical "explore" position like she would have been in if I were wearing her forward facing in a Baby Bjorn or other similar carrier.

She went down for a great 3 hour nap this evening - and since that is what Alan and I were anticipating she might do - we actually escaped to PF Changs for Happy Hour appetizers and drinks for a couple of hours.  I had TWO margaritas!

I was hoping to give her a bath tonight before bed as I recently found that her neck fold has once again been collecting gunk and broken down skin cells.  She was too tired - so I gave her a quick bed bath in all the essential areas and hope to give her a full-on tub bath in the morning when Daddy gets here.

For now, she is in bed.  And, while I hope we will have another full night's rest, I think I'd better join her just in case sleep doesn't come so easily tonight.


boonehart said...

this is so awesome! I LOVE the pic where she "put Daddy down" so she could watch some football! priceless.

Mom/Mimi/Mama Deb said...

Me too! I love the one where she is trying to get Daddy into her mouth too. So cute!

Molly Goodwin said...

Brooke, I don't know you but worked with your dad at The Citadel and am the mom of a 2 and 4 year old - Just wanted you to know that I think of you often and you are in our prayers in Charleston!

Also - there are some cute things by TEA that are wrappy/tie-ish that may be right for Clara! Very asian and cool patterns.

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