Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby likes Halo!

So, I posted a picture on Facebook today:

It spawned quite a bit of commentary among my family. Such as:



Aunt Sara: "Hahaha! Ya know her uncles LOVE this! :)"


Aunt Katie: "John Mark is xbox live telling me to find this picture. he loves it."

Mimi: Child abuse! Rescue this child, Brooke!

Seriously, in my defense - Clara loves the TV.  Yes, I know better than that.
  1. I know it's not okay for a baby to watch tv - because it is totally passive and babies don't learn language or ANYthing from tv 
  2. AND that it is actually detrimental to children under age 2 
  3. WHICH is why Disney refunded EVERYONE that purchased a Baby Einstein video in the past two years....pant, pant, pant. Whew!)  
  4. BUT, if we have the tv on, she will stare at it unless we turn her away from it or turn it off.  
  5. So she does get some exposure, and it is incredible how captivated she gets.  
  6. Mommy does her best to keep her from it, but if Daddy is in charge while Mommy does other things - I can't micromanage his time with her...(at least, as long as I remember not to micromanage his time with her). 
I truly am FREAKED OUT by the fact that she might LIKE Halo or video games...but it is also kinda funny too.


Uncle Johnny said...

Don't be afraid, Brooke. The next generation of people (including your Clara) are gonna be all over video games. You might as well give her a head start. :)

LSD_Dunigan said...

Aunt Lala says...

CLARA, DON'T DO IT! And, I like your use of Caps Lock;) I'm trying to use it more in my own blog.

Cooper said...

sounds like an 80's movie...

Don't worry Brooke, she will develop great dexterity and reflex skills from video gaming.

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