Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Schedule Emerging!

Clara has a schedule!  Or so we thought!

We really can't ask for a more fabulous baby when it comes to her sleep patterns.  Since she was 2 months old, she has been "sleeping through the night" which only requires 6 straight hours of sleep.  She was going to bed around 9:30, occasionally had a feeding around 11, always had a feeding around 3 or 4, then one at 6, and then one at 8.

She soon dropped the 11pm feeding and the 3-4am feeding merged with the 6am feeding which would typically occur right before dawn at about 5:45am.  It was fabulous!

A couple of weeks ago, around 3 and a half months old, Clara was going to bed around 9pm but then having a hard time staying asleep until 11pm.  It made the evenings hard but she started delaying her morning feeding until closer to 7am!  The best part was that while bedtime was getting harder, naps were getting easier.  Nap time is still not consistent, but she was showing a consistent pattern of only being able to be awake for about 45 minutes before I would need to put her in her swing for a nap and she would just drift off within about 15 minutes while staring at "happy man" - a little finger puppet we had attached to her swing mobile.