Friday, July 23, 2010

The Flatulence Cure?

Poor Clara has suffered from tummy bubbles since the day I brought her home.  She has always swallowed a lot of air during her feedings and, while the sputtering and choking and gasping and gulping comes and goes, she continues to deal with a lot of bubbles on her tummy and a ridiculous amount of gas.  It just isn't becoming on such a beautiful girl!

I've researched different things about what I eat that might be causing it, and we have done infant massage which she really enjoys (especially as a stretching routine after naps).  But I really thought there must be something wrong with the way I was feeding her.

I got particularly worried last week.  She went through about 5 days of a growth spurt centered perfectly around her 3 month birthday.  She was eating constantly and even lately has seemed to eat more frequently than I really thought was necessary especially since she would tire of one breast quickly (within a couple of minutes) but would take the other breast as if she was ravenous - only to get frustrated with it within a couple of minutes.  My concern grew to include a fear that she either was only getting foremilk or maybe I wasn't making enough when I used to make too much!

Well, after a conversation with my bestest girlfriend, Kelli, where she mentioned "gripe water," I embarked on a research journey which raised a few concerns but ultimately led to a great article about lactose overload from the La Leche League International website.  I felt much more knowledgeable and was ready to tackle a conversation with Clara's doctor's office today.  After a great 30 minute conversation with the nurse, we picked up Mylicon for Infants at the grocery store.  It is basically the active ingredient in Alka Seltzer.  My husband, Alan, thinks the drops smell like a snowcone!  I think he's a bit jealous! We give it to her about every two hours or at each feeding or before bedtime.

I am really hopeful that, with some revised feeding techniques and a little bit of medication as needed, Clara can finally stay asleep for longer naps and have less difficulty  falling asleep at night.  Poor Clara Bug!  She's such a sweet girl!  I hate to think that if only I had come to this conclusion sooner, she might have been a much happier and essentially stress-free baby!


LSD_Dunigan said...

Why can't I comment on "kisses"?! It was adorable!!!!

Brooke Babble said...

Had comments turned off on it and a couple of others somehow...I didn't do that so not sure how it happened. Turned it back on.

Still getting the hang of this blogging thing!

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