Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Big Girl Bed!

We recently converted Clara's crib to a toddler bed, and she transitioned really well!  Last week, Rosalyn began pulling to standing on the safety gate to the kitchen so I knew it was time to move her out of the wooden portable crib/cradle and into Clara's crib.

Clara was able to try out a toddler crib at Pottery Barn Kids last Saturday and wanted to get under the covers all the way and asked for we knew it was time to pull the trigger!  It arrived yesterday and last night was the first night in about 3 weeks (except for 1 exception) where she stayed in her bed the whole night and didn't join us around 3am.

First day in a transitioned crib.  She would RUN to her bed for naps or bedtime.

After the original excitement wore off, it would take about an hour of screaming before she would fall off her bed (and into some interesting positions) and then finally realize that lying down was actually comfortable and then fall asleep.
"N.....New. Ta Ta Ta.....Actual big girl bed!!!!" She said.

She couldn't rest until it was assembled.  Took me about an hour and a half by myself while Rosalyn napped.  She's quite the poser!

I'm just now realizing that I don't have pictures of their new bedroom set up and all of Clara's new bed stuff.  We slowly built in a new softer mattress, a new comforter and new layering blanket over the course of the week for her as rewards and reminders that if she stayed in her bed all night until the sun comes up that she will get her new big girl bed. 

I'll post the full set up tomorrow.  I have great hopes for tonight especially since even Rosalyn only cried out once early in the night last night. I love me some sleep!

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Mrs. E said...

Hi There,
I just found your blog via Be The Match and read your wonderful letter to your daughter's donor. Reading through some of your blog posts, I realized that you were at LPCH in BMT. My daughter is a LPCH patient and was diagnosed with AML in June 2010 and had a BMT on February 14, 2012. Small world. I am glad to read of yet another child doing so well after transplant!!!

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