Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Playground: Her Way

Today was Clara's first time at the park where were were able to let her loose.  She decided what she did and where she played and what she touched.  Alan and I weren't so sure we like this new life of getting dirty.  Clean girls are much easier to...well, keep clean!  But it was fabulous to watch her and I got some great pictures!

"raining" sand

"I'm touching." - what she says whenever she wants me to know that she knows this is something she can touch now but couldn't before.

Concentration as she fills her fists with sand...

...and realizes she can bury her shoe.

"What's this?" after uncovering a large piece of mulch.

The first time she's ever touched a playground step with her hands - to assist her tiny self up a big step.

Hanging from a bar while Daddy spots her.

Again, "I'm touching."

Clanging away on the playground chimes.

First time on the swing without it being thoroughly disinfected beforehand.  And she had a significantly greater sense of ease holding on a swinging high from the get-go.

Rosalyn in the courtyard after our arrival home while Clara laid down in the grass and ran around in circles yelling touchdown!


John/Dad/Grandpa said...

I cannot stop looking at these pictures of this unleashed girl!!! Freeeedom!!!

Chris Collins said...

This is so great! She looks so happy. I hope you guys are all doing well.

Mom/Mimi/Mama Deb said...

Rose looks as happy as her sister! Happy, happy week! Keep publishing and posting these great shots, Mommy. <3

Michelle Demetre Ruopoli said...

Oh, happy day! HE has plans for these babies. Just look at God!

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