Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Current Favorite Pictures

The face explains it all.  She had been knocking the fish off her Bumbo tray and leaning over to find it and pick it back up.  Was one of her recent demonstrations of her newly acquired skill of object permanence
My absolute favorite picture right now.  She looks exactly like my sister Lauren did at about 2 years old.  This is post-op day 2 after neuro-surgery.  She looks amazing doesn't she?  I was so proud of her!
Snuggles as Mommy puts the bug to sleep.

Grandma and I went shopping for winter size 6 clothes for Clara.  This bear "snow suit" like outfit was ADORABLE!  We wrapped her up for her transport from the house back to the hospital on Sunday night.
The morning of her lung surgery.  She truly was happy.  I pulled her into bed with me after she woke up around 6:30am.  She immediately settled into this arms-up position.  She is so precious to me.


Suzy Cashwell said...

Fabulous photos! Of course, I know her grandpa more than I know Clara, and it's so much fun to see how much she looks like him! How marvelous that she was able to be at home while Carolyn and John are there. And I'd like to just reach through the screen and snuggle Clara myself - I know they've had a fabulous time snuggling her. She's just an absolute doll - and smart too. Our prayers continue, of course.

Frank Shannon said...

She IS awesome and so are YOU!

Sara Boone Hartley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! She is the most precious little girl in the universe! I can't wait to give her some big Auntie squeezins! Her incredible fightin' and positive spirit just shines through every situation and in every photograph. Love you all and can't wait to the be able to wrap my arms around you guys!

Mom/Mimi/Mama Deb said...

THIS is what I give thanks for this Thanksgiving! Thankful, thankful, thankful that this little baby is in our lives and is such a fighter. I love you guys soooo much!

Mom/Mimi/Mama Deb said...

For some reason I can't put my feelings into words. And once I think of something someone has already said it. BUT ...this time I can do it first.

She DOES look just like me in that picture!! Look at those eyes! those lips! I'm so excited she looks like me like you said. I finally can see it. :) I think my 2nd fave pic right now is her on the couch with grandma and grandpa. Just perfectly happy at home. Nestled right between her favorite people. She prefers Mommy to hold her you say? But might she be turning to a daddy's girl too?? :)--Lauren

Cooper said...

So happy she will not remember any of the bad times either :]

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