Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day -8

It was another rough night last night. Clara behaved similarly to how
she was before we were first discharged in November-wide awake and
full of energy between 12-4am. Crazy girl. I've never seen here shake
the Exersaucer so hard and fast! Actually made me laugh despite my
sheer exhaustion. We both slept soundly from 4-8:45 so we did get some
solid sleep. I had her in bed with me though since I had discovered
her at midnight laying sideways with blankets askew and her IV lines
completely tangled around her. Made me too nervous to put her in the
crib while I slept.

We've had a good day. Busulfan chemo started this morning and they
have been drawing blood every 15-30 minutes since 9am. We only have 3
draws left for the day however and they are an hour apart. It puts her
way over her daily blood draw limit and I understood they will do
these draws every day through Friday. There is some confusion on that,
and I'm concerned it will force her into getting more red cell

She's napping now; so I'm going to try to join her.

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Melissa said...

My name is Melissa. I heard about Clara when she was first diagnosed. My friend sent out a prayer request that she had received from Brian who had received it from Shelley. Clara, you, and your husband have been in my family's prayers, the prayers of my church, and the prayers of my Team in Training cycling team since Clara's diagnosis. Know that you will continue to be in our prayers during and after the transplant.

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